Reaper – Spirit of the Forest

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This is the BONES version of Reaper’s Spirit of the Forest. Like the Large Earth Elemental, it is another example of the ideal BONES miniature, being a large chunk of a mini that doesn’t have a ton of fine details that risk being softened in plastic. Interestingly, these miniatures were offered together as a stretch goal during the first BONES kickstarter, although I did not acquire them at that time. Once again, the price advantage that BONES offers versus metal miniatures is readily apparent: $6.99 for the BONES version, $27.49 for metal.

This was a fun mini to paint; lots of fun details, but nothing terribly demanding. For gaming it can be used as an elemental, possibly earth or another type, or as a treant. He’d also have no problem finding a spot in a warband for Fightin’ Fungi from Ganesha Games.

One of my favorite parts of this mini is the basing material that I used, “Dead Fall Forest Debris” from Scenic Express. More than just another shade of ground-up foam or sawdust, this is a blend of a variety of materials (including flock, of course) representing leaves, twigs, foliage, and everything else you’d expect to find strewn over the ground in an old forest. My favorite ingredient is the pieces of rubber mulch that represent large chunks of wood. They look great! Other than a little drybrushing on the mulch to bring out the texture, I used this blend exactly as it was. I was especially happy with how well the colors of the blend match the paint job on the miniature. This is purely a happy coincidence, as I actually painted the mini several months before even finding this basing material! I can’t wait to use this blend on other minis and terrain pieces.


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