Star Wars Ring Theory & Rey’s Lineage

I came across a couple of interesting Star Wars-related essays recently.

The idea of Star Wars as an example of the ring structure of storytelling has been around for awhile. It’ll be interesting to see if the model can still be applied once the third trilogy is complete. The only comment I’ll make about applying this model of storytelling to Star Wars is that if it’s true, it’s an example of superior technical skill combined with mediocre storytelling (which pretty much describes the prequels on an individual level as well).

The other essay is about a theory which has a shelf-life that’s likely set to expire somewhere near the beginning of Episode VIII when the big mystery of Episode VII is resolved: Rey is not Luke’s daughter, but is actually the granddaughter of Obi Wan. I have to admit, there are some good arguments here for why this is actually the case, and there are some really compelling thematic elements that this would create which the author describes.


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