Terrainify’s online shop is live!

The project that my friend Mike and I have been working on for the past several months went live this past Friday, lucky number 13. It’s been a great experience getting to this point, going from concept and next to zero knowledge of 3D printing about a year ago to where we are now. We’ve invested a ton of time and learned quite a bit since then, and this project represents a true coming together of technology and art: 3D modeling, 3D printing, photography, digital image editing, and more.

All of our scatter terrain is either designed completely digitally or based off of original physical models, 3D printed, then finished using a variety of traditional terrain-making techniques. We’re especially proud of how the artwork on our vinyl mats matches the finishing of the scatter terrain, creating a unified, cohesive look.

Check out Terrainify’s Etsy store for lots more pics and to get your hands on some of our awesome terrain!




Broken Ground gallery photo FINAL 2 (increased bright & con, other changes, added vignette and shadows)