Terrainfy: Two-Month Update

It’s been a busy two months since the last post here. I’m experiencing that strange paradox that I often do when pondering the passage of time during extremely busy periods. When taken in smaller increments, time passes extremely quickly; each hour, day, and week of the past two months has gone by very quickly. On the other hand, it’s hard for me to believe that it’s only been two months since the Terrainify shop opened, considering everything that’s happened since then.

We’ve had a good run of orders for Broken Ground, which is one of the primary reasons why there have been no new posts here — too busy making terrain and filling orders! We’ve also been hard at work behind the scenes working on the items for our next release. We had to close the shop to new orders once already in order to catch up, and then a second time because my wife and I recently purchased a new Terrainify HQ, with an entire house on the level above it!

The Etsy shop’s been closed for the past three weeks while I moved the physical workshop over to the new place, along with the rest of my family’s worldly possessions. We’re mostly settled in now, the old place is mostly cleaned up, and I’ve gotten the workshop enough in order to resume production. The Etsy shop reopened today, and to celebrate the move, all Broken Ground scatter terrain is on sale for 10% off for the rest of July! Broken Ground has been a success so far, but we’re just getting started…



New HQ photo.JPG


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