The Best Strategy Guide Ever for Monopoly

Monopoly has earned its spot in gaming history and culture, but Beowulf or The Ilead of boardgames  it is not. This is a game that every gamer should play at least once, to experience a a connection with the history of this hobby, and then promptly shelve in order to move on to better games.

The glut of themed Monopoly games for practically every hobby, interest, and predeliction that exists speaks volumes about the level of sophistication that currently exists regarding board games in the culture at large (at least in the U.S.). Admittedly, many themed versions that exist are collector’s items, probably not intended to be played so much as to be simply acquired, an indicator of the subject’s popularity; you know that something’s big when there’s a Monopoly version of it.

Not only does this strategy guide tell you how to win, it explains how to do so in such a decisive, soul-crushing way that your friends will never want to play again, and that is the real victory in this scenario. Sometimes, it takes strong medicine to help people get better.

Of course, having now learned the secrets of how to win, I kind of want to play it again. Go figure.


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