A High Point for 2016

Tabletop games and sports might not seem like they share much in common, but aside from the one major difference in sports being primarily a physical activity and tabletop games being primarily mental, there are probably more underlying similarities than differences. At the very least, the fact that they are both forms of games gives them a common underlying foundation. And it is in the spirit of that commonality that I go outside the boundaries of the tabletop with this post:

Wrigley Field  Home Of The Chicago Cubs Site Of Chicago S Next    Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on ending a 108 year-old drought and ending a 71 year-old curse, and to the Cleveland Indians for playing a great game! Game 7 was a nail-biter of a match, featuring a rain delay, 10 innnings, and a one-run margin of victory. Whether or not you’re a Cubs fan, or even a fan of baseball in general, if you’re a human being with a soul, the 2016 World Series stands out as a high point in what in many ways has been a dismal year marked with much sorrow and loss.



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