Space Hulk Returns!

Games Workshop has surprised the gaming community with the surprise announcement that Space Hulk will be re-released in a few weeks, but you can see a new unboxing video right now! I actually had planned on doing this video just a few days before the announcement; I must have been getting signals from the Hive Mind.

If you’ve read my previous entry on Space Hulk, it may seem like I’ve done a complete 180 with my opinions. Well, that’s mostly true. I’ve been getting back into 40k, and Space Hulk is part of the mythos of the 40k universe, with its dark, claustrophobic environments pitting iconic enemies in mortal combat. I still stand behind my comments about the gameplay. Do I wish that the gameplay was more polished, had more modern mechanics, or was otherwise just better in some ways? Of course. But when you get into 40k, the lure  is as much about the atmosphere and rich background that you participate in as it is about the gameplay, if not even more so.

Miniature wargaming is a multi-faceted hobby, and in the case of 40k, the richness of the lore and the visual spectacle of the miniatures is usually enough to carry it past shortcomings in game mechanics. Space Hulk may not stand out in terms of gameplay (although the use of the timer for the Space Marine player stands out as a stroke of genius for both conveying the stark difference in speed and reaction time between the genestealers and Terminators and for creating tension during gameplay), but for those other reasons, I’m willing to give it another try.


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