Some Levity As We Exit 2016

Apparently, you can drive from the Shire to Mordor in less than two and a half hours. Of course, Frodo and company were on foot, had to dodge Nazgul for significant parts of the journey, and took the long route over the mountains, before doubling back and going under them instead, so it’s understandable that it took them a few months.


Mario-thon 2016

My daughter and I have been dabbling with Mario games on the Wii U for the past few weeks. We started with New Super Mario Bros. but recently switched over to New Super Mario 3D World, which she says is her favorite. I suspect that her preference is not so much due to the gameplay, but because of the cat suit powerup and the ability to play as Princess Peach.

We had our first ever Mario-thon today, consisting of playing “Kitty Mario” (her name for Super Mario 3D World, which I now regret correcting her on) all day. In reality, it was really four game sessions of about 30-45 minutes each, interspersed with meals, yardwork, and other activities. What made this event even more special is that although I picked  this game up the day it was released back in 2013 with the intent of playing it with my wife’s family over Thanksgiving, I’ve barely touched it since then. This means that almost all of the game is still new to me, so we’re playing through it together for the first time.


Terrain Kits from Terrainify have arrived!

Over at Terrainify, we’ve just released our new line of terrain kits which you can use to make the same awesome terrain that we sell finished in our shop, or paint and finish it in new themes that you come up with. We’ve also made tutorials to walk you through the process of assembling, prepping, painting, and finishing terrain. Check it all out here!

RIP, Carrie Fisher

You’ll always be my princess. Thank you for being part of something that has meant so much me, and to many others.


NOTE: This is a pic I came across in my FB feed. I quickly copied and saved it for my personal files before deciding to make this blog post. I went back and did a search, but I couldn’t find it again on FB or using Google. If anyone knows who the creator is, please leave a comment or send me a message so that I can give proper credit. Thanks!

Terrainify Tutorials

The links below are for a tutorial that will walk you through the process of assembling, painting, and finishing terrain using Terrainify’s terrain kits. It also includes the tutorial for the Broken Ground theme. The printer-friendly version is identical, except with a plain white background to save ink/toner.

Be sure to watch the accompanying video for this tutorial to get a better idea of how to use the different techniques.

Terrain Kits & Broken Ground Tutorial
Terrain Kits & Broken Ground Tutorial (printer-friendly)