Hirst Arts Chess Set: Crusaders vs. Overlords

This is my build of the Hirst Arts chess set. I started casting the blocks for it in October 2009 and worked on it fairly steadily over the next four months, finishing it in early 2010. It’s hard to believe that I finished this beast of a project nearly seven years ago.

The miniatures are from Reaper’s Warlord line and were added a couple of years later. For those of you keeping score, it’s primarily the Crusaders (white) led by Duke Gerard vs. the Overlords (black) led by General Matisse, but there are a few characters from other factions thrown into the mix.


One thing that I was having a hard time with was figuring out how to mount the minis onto the Hirst Arts blocks that are used for decorative bases because Warlord minis use slotted bases. I could have cut off the tabs and used pins to attach them, but painting them was tedious enough; I really didn’t relish the thought of having to pin a pile of 32 miniatures (that is, 64 feet). I experimented  with using some of Reaper’s round bases, but they weren’t the right size.

It dawned on me one night while trying to go to sleep that GW bases might be just the right size to fit on the blocks. I jumped out of bed to check, and it turned out that they were! Once the entire base assembly is painted, it all looks like it belongs together. The size is a little off on the knights and bishops, but they work pretty well over all.



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