So THAT’s why Frodo is an orphan.

We recently finished our family read-through of The Hobbit. Since it was such a hit with our daughter, we decided to take the plunge and start reading The Lord of the Rings. Fun fact: The Hobbit clocks in at a trickle over 95,000 words. LOTR is a little over 455,000 words — or, almost five times as long as The Hobbit. If we’re able to keep up the pace with our read-through of LOTR, it’ll take us about a year to finish. I really don’t know how this will turn out, but we feel it’s worth giving it a try.

There probably isn’t anything about Lord of the Rings that I could possibly spoil for anyone reading this blog, and the thing I’m about to spoil is so inconsequential anyway, but, just in case:


One of the details of the story which both my wife and I had forgotten, despite having read The Lord of the Rings more than once, is a brief bit of  backstory about Frodo’s parents. In the first chapter of Fellowship, Tolkien informs us that Frodo’s parents drowned in the Brandywine River*. The exact details are sketchy, but that’s it in a nutshell. Reading this was a bit of a shock for us, especially because even after reading it, neither of us had any recollection of it, as if we were reading it for the very first time. It’ll be interesting to see what other little gems we come across this time through the book.


*Detail provided by my daughter. I couldn’t remember if it was a lake, river, or pond that they drowned in, and I was feeling too lazy to bother looking it up. But she remembered.


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