Ral Partha: The War Machine

While rummaging through my closet tonight looking for something else, I came across this little treasure from a couple of decades(!) ago. This is “The War Machine” from Ral Partha. I’m not sure when it originally came out (sometime in the 80’s I think), but I received this my copy as a gift from my grandparents around 1995 and painted it around that time as well. I’ve been wanting to get more photos of my various miniatures on the blog, so I figured “no time like the present!”

Some notes and other stream-of-consciousness thoughts:

  • The photography used for the box art does a great job of making it more imposing than it actually is. It’s actually a fairly simple model: a large platform set on four wheels with an attached trebuchet and ram. Still cool, though. The large skull on the front is the most distinctive feature really adds a lot to its mass and sense of space.
  • I acquired the base in the summer of ’95 from a candle-making shop in Amish country in eastern Pennsylvania during a family vacation (commence jokes about town names and double entendres). This was pre-internet and pre-driving for me, so I didn’t have easy access to (or even awareness of, for that matter) appropriate bases for larger miniatures such as this one, so I took what I could get.
  • I never did get around to painting the archers and the guy with the whip, but at least I painted the six little naked guys providing the sweat and muscle to move this thing. Oh, those crazy orcs; nothing like piling on a little humiliation to an already miserable, degrading task, lol.
  • Come to think of it, whip or no whip, I kind of doubt that six little naked orcs/goblins could provide enough power to move this thing at any speed that would actually be useful in battle.
  • I remember using brown flock to simulate earth that had been torn up by the wheels as they rolled over. The color’s ok, but the texture isn’t right. But it was the best I could do at the time.

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