Entropy mat + terrain

Some pics of the new mat with terrain on it. In my mind, this scene represents a tear in the fabric of reality, with part of the mortal realm being overtaken and warped by the powers of chaos.


These pieces were already existing ones in my collection that I made before creating this mat that I just decided to play around with. If I try something like this in earnest, I’ll try to make the effect even more convincing by experimenting with painting the edges of the scatter terrain to match the mat. I think this will make them blend in better and create the sense of movement and an ongoing process of change and mutation.


I’m currently working on a new color scheme for my terrain that’s designed to go specifically with this mat, and I think it looks pretty cool. So stay tuned! 😉


6 responses to “Entropy mat + terrain

    • Hi, sirdenderan, glad you like the Ghost Stones! I don’t currently sell the STLs, but it’s something that I’m looking into. I’ll announce i first on the Terrainify Facebook page.

      I’ll take a look at the shipping. Are you in the U.S. or another country? Tell you what, if you’re in the U.S. and place an order for some Ghost Stones, I’ll give you free shipping. Just include a note when you place it that says that you’re “sirdenderan” and I’ll refund you the shipping cost. Also, if you want unpainted versions, just let me know. Price will be half of the finished versions, plus I’ll give you free shipping. Thanks!

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      • hi,

        im sitting in the cold middle of europe…

        and i knew the “diablo spikes” on ebay….

        and the prices for shipping are………

        so i will wait for the stl…..

        have a nice weekend…..


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