I’m not sure I’m even going to *attempt* a Will save on this one

After much deliberation, I’ve decided that I’m not going to back the Kickstarter for Heroes of Land, Air & Sea. Based on Gamelyn’s record, I’m willing to bet that it’ll be a solid, fun game, despite being a radical departure from their tried and tested “tiny, epic” scope. Furthermore, I think it’s possible that it may even turn out to be a great game. However, $159 (after shipping) is too much coin for me at this point to plunk down for a single board game that hasn’t been critically examined and reviewed yet, especially considering that I currently have a backlog of other boardgames in my collection that I have yet to play, both ones acquired through Kickstarter as well as through traditional means. Not to mention that Games Workshop is going to be getting another chunk of my money very soon when 8th Edition 40K drops next month. I have to at least keep up the appearance of being judicious with how I spend my money.

So naturally, a scant few days after I settled on my decision, the next threat to my wallet and cash reserves emerges:

From the Kickstarter: “Rise of the Necromancers is based on a classic fantasy narrative with character development as well as territorial strategy. The objective of the game is to develop your Necromancer and take control of the lands. Each player starts out as an aspiring Necromancer who can study spells, craft artifacts and eventually graduate from one of four academies. In time, your Necromancer can attract their own apprentice and assemble an undead army of minions to rule the lands.”

This game looks and sounds like it ticks the correct combination of boxes to make it really appealing to me. Evil wizards who specialize in the dark arts, growing in power until they become strong enough to conquer the realm? Good-looking, thematic artwork that’s sufficiently creepy but doesn’t tip over into being gory or disgusting? Gameplay that involves raising an army of undead minions and marching on cities? Horror theme with a touch of humor? Yes, please!

Mechanics-wise, I really like the theme of having lots of options for developing your character — choosing to either specialize in a particular branch of necromancy, or become a jack-of-all-trades. Furthermore, one of the reviewers says that you can even go so far as choosing what aspect of the actual game to focus on — area control, deck-building, or worker placement — which will presumably have a significant impact on your experience of the game.

It’s also reasonably priced at $67, including shipping to the U.S. The more I write about this game, the more excited about it I become. I’m going to do my due diligence and try to find out more about it so I don’t back it impulsively, but I can already feel my will crumbling under the sway of the necromancers’ influence.


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