Bones Iron Golem

A quick paintjob on the new Iron Golem, one of my favorite miniatures from the Bones 3 Kickstarter, and one of my favorite D&D monsters. Sometimes, you just want the satisfaction of finishing a project in a short amount of time, and minis with simple paint schemes are great for this. I’m fairly certain that I spent more time prepping it and finishing the base than I did actually painting it. I opted for a darker metal color to make him more imposing.

Reaper produced a complete set of the four basic golems types in the first Bones Kickstarter, but I always felt that that iron golem was kind of puny. This time around, they’ve gone in the complete opposite direction, and this one positively towers over adventurers and even the other golems. As I commented before, this mini actually seems a little too big at first, but it actually fits the description from the Monster Manual (whichever edition you choose).



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