First Game of 8th Edition 40k!

Got my first game of 8th Edition 40k in the other night at my FLGS with my new gaming buddy, Matt. Not only was it my first game in the new edition, but it was the first game of 40k I’ve played in several years (not counting the super stripped-down games I’ve played with my daughter recently), despite my efforts to get back into the game this past fall.

I brought 1,000 points of nids to face off against Matt’s Imperial Guard Astra Militarum (sorry, old habits die hard). I won’t bore you with the details about how one 20-strong unit of termagants died in a single round due to sweeping gouts of flame from a pair of hellhounds, or how Old One Eye, my warlord, tripped over the burnt carcasses of said gaunts, coming up one inch short of the seven he needed charge the hellhounds, resulting in him succumbing to concentrated firepower himself the following turn.


We played on a FAT mat lent to us by Matt. Not Matt my opponent, another Matt. Matt and I used Matt’s FAT mat for our match. (Sorry, I only have the budget for low-brow humor.)


will tell you about the impressive performance of my Trygon, arriving behind enemy lines via underground tunnel (accompanied by a mob of of 16 genestealers, but they were also kind of boring, probably due to me miscalculating and rolling “only” 40 attacks for them when they should have had 64). The trygon managed to inflict a whopping 21 points of damage on an 11-wound hellhound in one turn. This same trygon also managed to shrug off a dozen or more wounds at 3+ against concentrated firepower, taking only a single point of damage by the end of the game. Honorable mention also goes to my other unit of termagants who managed to take down an entire squad of Stormtroopers Scions (damn your neurotic compulsion to rename everything into something you can trademark, Games Workshop!)


The man, er, bug of the hour.


We called the game at the end of round 3. I only had my Trygon and a unit of termangants remaining, while Matt still had most of his gunline intact and along with some of his infantry. Despite the disparity in remaining units, the final score was closer than I had anticipated, Matt with five points and me scoring three.

It was a game that we both enjoyed. It was a good first run with the new edition for me, and both my opponent and the new rules played a significant role in making it an enjoyable experience.





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