40k Paint & Play – Week 2

So I’ve joined a 40k Paint and Play at my FLGS and played my first game the other day (with last week’s game retroactively counting as participating — Thanks, Matt!). This time around, my bugs faced an army of Salamanders run by Grant in a 1,000 point game.

The view from my side of the table, before all the killing started (or dying, from the perspective of my nids).


Grant’s heavy weapons digging in inside of some ruins.

The game was a blow-out, with me having lost my entire army except for two units of termagants by the end of the third turn, with Grant having suffered only a few wounds to a rhino by that point. I thought I was being clever by having my trygon and genestealers tunnel up near Grant’s land raider, but the genestealers failed their charge and they all got flamed to death by said land raider along with the trygon before their next turn.

And once again, poor Old One Eye got killed before getting to close with any enemy units. I’m starting to think that he really needs to arrive in style in his own private tyrannocyte rather than trying to foot-slog it alongside the rest of the fodder.


They may only be termagants, but these guys got the most kills in this game for me, a rhino and several marines. My only kills of this game, actually.


I conceded the game by the end of turn 3, but we played a little longer to give me some more practice, basically doing drills with basic mechanics to help me get them down better, and Grant was a good sport about playing against a noob.

At this point, another Tyranid player named Luke stopped by and we all talked shop for a bit. He gave me some pointers on play and army construction that I’m planning on trying in next week’s game.


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