Hi! My name’s John, and I’ve been a life-long gamer since D&D still used the word “Advanced” as part of its moniker, miniatures were made of lead and didn’t come prepainted, before CCGs were invented, and before anyone played boardgames at coffeehouses. I guess that might make me a grognard, but I definitely don’t feel like one. You can read the long version of how I got started in all of this here.

This blog is called “Gamer Multiclass” because it covers tabletop gaming in all of its myriad forms  – boardgames, RPGs, miniature games, miniature painting, terrain-making, CCGs/LCGs, etc., etc. (Also, because I thought calling it “Awesome Polymath Gamer Dude” would sound pretentious.) If I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I might even write something about video games. I may even veer off the beaten path and attempt to wax eloquent about something that interests me that isn’t directly related to gaming (although I’ll try to limit it to things that typically have some crossover appeal to members of the gaming community or at least to larger geek culture).

“Multiclass” is a reference to the grand-daddy of RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons. Given that you’re reading this blog, chances are you already know what it means, but just in case, a multi-classed character is one who can do a bunch of things (for example, a fighter who can also cast spells and be sneaky like a rogue), but can’t do any one thing as well as a single-classed character who specializes in what they do. Oh, wait a minute… Well, as my homie G.K. Chesterton said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” And he was a pretty smart guy, so I’m in good company.

If you’ve read this far, then you deserve to know that the true, sinister purpose behind this blog is for it to be a shill for a little project of mine. The hope is that by posting engaging writing, cool pictures, useful tutorials and other fun content, some of you might take a look at my stuff and even decide buy some of it. But if it turns out that you never make it over to the shop and just enjoy the things that you find here, that’s cool too.

Happy gaming!


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