Ruined Column Pedestal + Tutorial

New terrain piece just finished and added to the shop, plus a step-by-step tutorial!


This version features “Krass Omenthrall” from Reaper. Of course, you can use a miniature of your choice for your personal version.

EDIT: The file for this model is now available on Thingiverse, so you can download it for free and print your own!


Brigand Pass

This piece is a bit of departure from the scatter terrain that I normally make, being mounted on a 2’x2′ tile. The concept behind this style is that the tiles can be used individually for an encounter in D&D, or as a diorama or display board. I also made a series of WIP videos which you can check out at the Terrainify Facebook page.



Ruined Arcane Archway + WIP video

This piece is a 3D printed model designed by Devon Jones at Masterwork Tools. I tweaked the original model slightly, removing the square tile base and replacing it with a STUB (Scatter Terrain Universal Base). I also scaled it up to 147% (nothing magical about 147% per se, it’s just that maximum size I could make this piece and still have it fit on my print bed as a single piece).

The top of the archway comes as a separate piece. There are actually three different styles of columns and tops you can choose from which you can mix and match. I like this piece quite a bit. There’s sharp relief in between the bricks and the other details, but it still printed without any problems and required only minor cleanup.

I also made a WIP video showing how I painted and finished it. You can find the original model here, or purchase an unpainted or fully finished version here! Thanks for the awesome model, Devon!

3D Printed Earth Elemental + WIP Video

This earth elemental is one of several sculpted by Duncan “Shadow” Louca. You can find the 3D model for this mini as well as lots of others over at his Patreon page. Also, check out the WIP video if you want to see how I painted it.

One advantage of 3D printing is that you can scale the models to virtually any size, the main limits being the size of your print bed and how long you’re willing to wait for the print to finish. I scaled the earth elemental down to 60% of its original size. Even at this size, it’s still a fairly large miniature. It’s not very tall, but it’s quite bulky, and I mounted it on a 60mm base which is fairly large, but anything smaller didn’t look right.

I’ve painted several earth elementals over the years and have always gone with a brown color scheme (including the most recent one that I did). I decided try something a little different and opted for a gray tone with this one.

There’s a a lot of motion and energy captured in this sculpt. I like how the elemental has shaped its upper limbs to make them reminiscent of a sword and shield. While it does have a vaguely-defined head, there are no real facial details, unlike most earth elementals that I’ve seen, making it feel less humanoid and more like the alien being from another plane that it is.

Print lines are visible, but try to look past them, as this is a limitation of the current state of 3D printing (or at least of my particular printer), not of the sculpt itself. This is a great mini and I imagine that at some point I’m going to print out the other sculpts — not just the other creatures and characters that Duncan Louca has created, but the other earth elemental sculpts in particular. With the ability to scale them down and the ease at which these paint up, I already have ideas for an encounter featuring a group of smaller earth elementals, each with its own unique sculpt.


Don’t forget to check out the Gamermulticlass YouTube channel and watch the WIP video!

LVO 2017 Cephalyx Table

I came across this incredible table from this year’s LVO today, made by Tyson Koch of

If you are at all into miniatures, you should seriously check out the tutorial just to get a better look at that thing in the large tank in the back.

In addition to the pics, he’s also created a detailed step-by-step of how he made it! From custom molds, to water effects, to LEDs, to dry ice, this thing is a masterclass showcase of just about every terrain-making technique and material known to man. Awesome work, Tyson!

3D-Printed Baby Groot – Pics & Tutorial

This is a Baby Groot model that I printed and painted. It’s sort of a 3D printing meme that’s currently making the rounds, so I thought it would be fun to make one and have him sitting on a terrain piece.


Here’s the step-by-step if you want to paint one yourself:

Terrainify Tutorials

The links below are for a tutorial that will walk you through the process of assembling, painting, and finishing terrain using Terrainify’s terrain kits. It also includes the tutorial for the Broken Ground theme. The printer-friendly version is identical, except with a plain white background to save ink/toner.

Be sure to watch the accompanying video for this tutorial to get a better idea of how to use the different techniques.

Terrain Kits & Broken Ground Tutorial
Terrain Kits & Broken Ground Tutorial (printer-friendly)