Jutting Rock Outcroppings

A few pics of some new terrain pieces I finished up recently. These are based on original models by Kevin Rau and are the first of what I’m planning will be several new terrain pieces created with this style of rock.

If you look closely, you can see that the three pieces are actually all the same original model, just scaled differently on their z axis (in other words, same base size/footprint, but different heights). These were originally a commission piece for a customer. Rather than deciding on just one, he thought all three sizes looked pretty cool and bought a few of each, so I figured I’d follow suit and make all of them available in my shop.








Encounter at the Mystic Pool

A scene featuring a medley of Dynamic Hills, Ghost Stones, and the Mystic Portal terrain pieces. Plus, an ettin painted in classic AD&D 2e skin tones.


Dynamic Hills bundles now available!

Starter and Deluxe bundles for the Dynamic Hills terrain set have been released! Shown here painted and finished in the “Broken Ground” theme on a matching gaming mat. The mat measures 6’x4′, which I think belies the actual size of some of the terrain pieces. The second pic has some miniatures included which help give a better sense of scale.

Deluxe bundle (resized, added more green, brightened) jpg


And a bunch of action shots, because action shots are cool:



Entropy mat + terrain

Some pics of the new mat with terrain on it. In my mind, this scene represents a tear in the fabric of reality, with part of the mortal realm being overtaken and warped by the powers of chaos.


These pieces were already existing ones in my collection that I made before creating this mat that I just decided to play around with. If I try something like this in earnest, I’ll try to make the effect even more convincing by experimenting with painting the edges of the scatter terrain to match the mat. I think this will make them blend in better and create the sense of movement and an ongoing process of change and mutation.


I’m currently working on a new color scheme for my terrain that’s designed to go specifically with this mat, and I think it looks pretty cool. So stay tuned! 😉