Small Stepped Hill – Badlands Theme

I’ve been experimenting with a new style of terrain piece, not to mention getting some more use out of the tree models that I sculpted over two years ago but which I hadn’t started using until recently. This is my version of a “stepped hill,” although I might call them something else if I can think of something flashier.

When making terrain, there’s normally a trade-off between aesthetic quality and playability. Stepped hills, with their relatively large expanses of flat surfaces are typically more abstract and less realistic than hills with a more “dynamic” design, but this also makes it easier to position miniatures on them. I think this design manages to retain the advantages of stepped hills without sacrificing too much in terms of aesthetics.

I painted this piece in the “Badlands” theme, which I’ve really fallen in love with of late since tweaking it by adding the Shadow’s Edge Miniatures grass tufts. It was a minor change, but because it’s such a simple color scheme, I think the little bit of additional color from the green tufts helps it pop.


Blast Crater Preview

Some ork boyz taking cover in one of the new blast craters that I’m working on. More pics forthcoming as I finish the rest of the pieces and add them to the shop… soon. The “Cinema” filter in Photoscape really added some interesting color depth to this pic.

SAM_4341 - cinema.JPG

Side note: If you’re not into digital image editing using Photoshop or GIMP but want to be able to easily do some basic edits to your photos, you should give Photoscape a try. It’s a free download, pretty intuitive with a low learning curve, and it can handle just about any type of basic edit or tweak.

Battle Buggy Wreck – Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

My wrecked version of Scudjuice’s Battle Buggy is complete. Some images going from 3D model to finished terrain piece:

The print settings I used could use a little tweaking because the layer lines stand out on this piece way more than normal. As I was working on it, I was already able to think of a few improvements that I’ll try the next time around, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Battle Buggy Wreck – Part 2

Part 1
Part 3

Not only printed, but painting on the buggy is mostly finished as well. I might touch it up a little bit, but the main thing that needs to be done now is the base. I’ve actually painted very few vehicles or even mechanical-type minis over the course of my painting career, so this one has been a learning experience as much as the creation of a new terrain piece. The airbrush was extremely useful in getting the red base coat applied in record time versus using a hand brush.



“Da red wunz go fasta!” Or, at least this one used to.

On the Work Bench: Battle Buggy Wreck

Part 2
Part 3

A couple of screen caps of one of the terrain pieces I’m currently working on:

2017-06-13 Battle Buggy WIP 2.JPG

2017-06-13 Battle Buggy WIP angle 2

If you want to print one yourself, you can find the original design here.

I altered the original model by changing its angle to something more appropriate to a wrecked vehicle, then sliced off the bottom so that it sits flat. Next, I added some additional texturing to simulate battle damage, added the base, and the Blood Angel model to help get the scale correct. I also sliced off the turret from the rest of the model and rotated it to give it more visual appeal.

More pics to follow, assuming it prints out ok. The nice thing is that even if some parts don’t come out exactly right, it’ll hopefully be easy to fudge them and make them look damaged.