Ruined Column Pedestal + Tutorial

New terrain piece just finished and added to the shop, plus a step-by-step tutorial!


This version features “Krass Omenthrall” from Reaper. Of course, you can use a miniature of your choice for your personal version.


Game Mat #14: Ice Floes

New year, new mat, and one that happens to be appropriately-themed this time! “Ice Floes” depicts an arctic environment with average temperatures that are pretty close to what we’re currently experiencing in the Midwest, lol. I’ve also got some preliminary concepts for matching terrain which I’ll hopefully be able to get to in the near future!


Star Portal Commission

Working through the backlog of commissions that I haven’t posted pictures of yet. First up is a stargate – warp portal – star portal. The customer ordered some ice and snow pieces as well and wanted the star portal to match. Actually, he inquired about having terrain done in an ice and snow theme before I had this theme ready to go. It was something that I had been planning on making, so his request prompted me to move it up in the development schedule.

The first picture shows the painted star portal before it was attached to the base. The second shows the fully painted model before adding the snow. There isn’t any snow on the pad because the rationale was that the energy from teleporting objects would melt any snow that collected there (that, and the heat from warping in objects from more temperate or volcanic worlds).

This model is made from an original model that I found on Thingiverse. I was going to look to the original, but I couldn’t find it again (it’s been a few months since I finished this commission).

Old Forest Vignette (plus Ice and Snow version)

This is another new terrain piece finished in the “Old Forest” theme that I’ve been working with recently. Also pictured are the minis for two of the other PCs that I painted for the short-lived D&D campaign I mentioned in a previous post. I’ve been getting a good amount of mileage out of my tree models lately now that I’ve finally started using them.

And here’s the same piece, finished in the “Ice and Snow” theme. I added an additional tree because I thought some more features would be a good idea. I still feel like it could use something else, but I’m not really sure what.


Brigand Pass

This piece is a bit of departure from the scatter terrain that I normally make, being mounted on a 2’x2′ tile. The concept behind this style is that the tiles can be used individually for an encounter in D&D, or as a diorama or display board. I also made a series of WIP videos which you can check out at the Terrainify Facebook page.



Small Stepped Hill – Badlands Theme

I’ve been experimenting with a new style of terrain piece, not to mention getting some more use out of the tree models that I sculpted over two years ago but which I hadn’t started using until recently. This is my version of a “stepped hill,” although I might call them something else if I can think of something flashier.

When making terrain, there’s normally a trade-off between aesthetic quality and playability. Stepped hills, with their relatively large expanses of flat surfaces are typically more abstract and less realistic than hills with a more “dynamic” design, but this also makes it easier to position miniatures on them. I think this design manages to retain the advantages of stepped hills without sacrificing too much in terms of aesthetics.

I painted this piece in the “Badlands” theme, which I’ve really fallen in love with of late since tweaking it by adding the Shadow’s Edge Miniatures grass tufts. It was a minor change, but because it’s such a simple color scheme, I think the little bit of additional color from the green tufts helps it pop.