Small and powerful

Century: Golem Edition is a masterclass in creating an evocative theme by using lovely artwork that bypasses the need for text-based exposition. One place it stumbles though is in using the word “Acquire” for the action in which a player trades a set of crystals for a golem card. “Activate” is a word much richer in meaning, fits better with the theme, and is much more descriptive of what is actually taking place in the game. A small point to critique, and one that is irrelevant in terms of mechanics and gameplay, but a powerful one in terms of immersion.


That feeling when…

…you order a copy of Twilight Imperium off of eBay, then get a message from the seller that he sent you the wrong item by mistake but that he’ll send the correct one and you can keep the wrong one, then Twilight Imperium arrives two days later, and then the package containing the second item arrives two days after that and you find out what the mystery item is:

Some days, I’m luckier than any man has any reasonable right to be.

Boerogg Blackrime, Rebased

I posted about Boerogg Blackrime a year ago, lamenting the fact that when I painted him, I didn’t know how to give him a proper snow-themed base like the one I envisioned in my mind. In the now 6+ years since I painted him, although my painting abilities have not significantly increased, my terrain and basing skills certainly have.

I’ve been on a kick recently of going back and finishing miniature projects that I started a while ago and which have been languishing for far too long, and Boerogg is part of this group. Given that he was already finished before now, this is technically a revision and not a completion, but redoing his base is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now, so I’m including it in that group.

For the new base, I switched him to a 60mm circle. Fortunately, removing him from his old base was very easy. The superglue holding him in place provided a solid connection, but after some wiggling, it gave way and he popped off easily and with no damage to the paint job.

I went with a new “tundra” theme that I developed recently. Despite being a snow theme, there’s quite a bit of green used with this theme. If you look closely, you can see not only the larger grass tufts, but small patches of green flock showing through the snow in some spots. The base was also large enough to allow the inclusion of a small water feature.

In addition to the base, I took the opportunity to do some other touch-ups as well. One small change was making the color of the necklace match better with the rest of the colors on this model. A more significant one was repainting his sword blade. I had originally thoughts that the “blue ice” look was cliched and I went with a glossy-white look instead. It was another detail I wasn’t completely satisfied with at the time, but it was the best I could do, so I left it. This time around, I went with the more traditional blue ice, and I’m really pleased with how the blending came out.

That’s probably all of the work that I’ll do on this mini. Other than fixing occasional paint chips and scratches that occur, I don’t normally go back work on minis once they’re finished. Being one of my personal best, Boerogg was an exception.

Extreme Dire Troll Mauler

I don’t play Warmachine or Hordes, but there are a decent number of miniatures from both lines that have an undeniable appeal to me. Here’s my version of the Extreme Dire Troll Mauler. That’s right: not any old Dire Troll Mauler, but an *EXTREME* one. Privateer Press has released “extreme” versions of a handful of their models — more dynamic sculpts of existing models, but which function exactly the same in terms of gameplay.

I grabbed this mini when it went on sale at the end of 2015 and started in on it right away, but hit a brick wall almost immediately and relegated it to my shelf of shame because it just wasn’t looking quite right- – something that happens, admittedly, more often than not. I finally picked it up again last week, put a fresh coat of primer on it, and went to town.

This was a relatively quick and easy paint job, using a limited color palette and relying heavily on Army Painter washes. The colors on the finished piece evolved from what I had originally envisioned (something else which happens more often than not). I really like the amount of energy and movement conveyed in this sculpt. I made a couple of adjustments to the base, namely mounting it on a larger one because the included 50mm one looked way too small, plus I rotated the mini about 180 degrees from where it’s intended to stand on the included rocky base. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I haven’t enjoyed the process of painting a mini this much in quite some time. Maybe I’ll have even more fun and throw it at my players tonight and try to get a TPK!

Shadespire and Nightvault – Undead Warbands

I haven’t played a ton of games of Shadespire or Nightvault yet, but I did finish painting the undead warbands. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage from my Nighthaunt paint scheme, and I think it works well here for both the Sepulchral Guard and Thorns of the Briar Queen. Plus, since these warbands have warscrolls, they can pull double duty in Age of Sigmar.

Happy Halloween!